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Sprig by Co-Op

What is Sprig by CO-OP®?

Sprig by CO-OP® is a virtual credit union branch at your fingertips. It combines facets of online banking with money management features. Sprig's digital wallet lets you access all your credit union accounts from one place via computer, smart phone, or text.

Log In (Existing Sprig Users)

What Can Sprig by CO-OP® Do?

Lots of things! Most exciting, you can now deposit checks using your smart phone. But Sprig by CO-OP® is capable of a lot more—see below for a complete list of services to make your life easier.

  Website Mobile/Tablet App Text Message
Enroll & add accounts  
Balance inquiry
Transaction history
Transfer between accounts1  
Recurring transfer setup  
Savings goal    
Deposit checks    
Payments to anyone (P2P)2 3  

1You may transfer between accounts at the same or different credit unions.
2Payments may be made to Sprig users or non-Sprig users.
3Recurring payments to anyone not available with mobile app.

How Do I Use It?

Create an Account

First, enroll in a Sprig by CO-OP® account online by clicking the button below. When you get to Sprig’s home page, click on the orange “Enroll” button to see what you need to complete enrollment. It’s that simple.

Enroll in Sprig

Log in Via Your Computer

You can always log in to Sprig by CO-OP® on your computer by clicking the link below:

Log In (Existing Sprig Users)

Get the App

Visit the App Store (iPhone) or Play Store (Android) and search for Sprig by CO-OP® to download and install the free app. You will then be able to log in using the credentials you created when you enrolled in online access.

Set Up Text Banking

Text banking is also available if you prefer to access your accounts via text message or if you don’t have a smartphone. You can only perform certain operations through text; see a complete list of functions and codes on the chart below.

Note: Sprig supports most SMS text carriers with the exception of Google Voice.

Before you start, you will have to add your mobile phone number to your Sprig account on the website or the mobile app. You will also be asked to validate your phone number.

To perform an operation, send a text message to 692997 (MYCOOP) containing one of the following codes:

Function Code Description
Balance BAL Balances for all available accounts
Commands CMD Provides a list of all text commands
History HIST, followed by a space and your account suffix List of recent transactions for one account
Account Suffixes LIST List of suffixes for all available accounts
Loan LOAN, followed by a space and your account suffix Loan details
Help HELP Text banking commands and their functions
Stop STOP Deactivates text banking

Need Help Logging In? 

Please contact Sprig's support team at 1-866-698-8896. It’s a toll-free call, serving our members 24 hours a day, seven days a week!