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Name Change FAQ

Since 1935, you've known us as College Credit Union

We're a community credit union and have grown beyond just serving people affiliated with UNC & Aims Community College. The truth is, EVERYONE in Weld County can belong to the credit union and we want to let everyone know that. 

Are we merging or being taken over?

The answer is simply “NO,” we want to grow into the future along with you and the community. The staff, friendly service, and commitment to our membership you have come to know will remain the same.

Will my account number change?

Your account number and the routing number for the credit union will not change. Only the name will change.

What is changing?

We will have an exciting new look to our website, the signage at our branches will change, and there will be a new look to our lobbies.

Can I still use shared branching?

Absolutely! We will still maintain the same connection with the shared branching network as before. We've also notified the shared branching network so you can still access your accounts from other credit unions in the network.

Will my home banking still work the same?

Yes, home banking will remain the same. Log in on the home page as you normally would. There will just be a new logo and a different color scheme to go along with our new brand.

Will I still be able to access my previous eStatements?

Access to eStatements will not change. Only the logo, colors, and the name of the credit union will be different.

Will I be able to access my online bill pay?

There will be no change to online bill pay. You’ll still have the same access and functionality as before.

Will I be able to use my credit card and debit card?

Yes. Your credit card/debit card will still function the same. If you replace your card or get a new one, you'll receive a card with our new name and logo.

Are my old checks still good?

Your current checks will work just fine. If you place an order for new checks they will just come with a different name and logo.

Do I need to make any changes to my automatic payments/deposits?

Payments should process for you as usual. However, it’s always wise to check your account regularly and make sure transactions from your accounts are correct.

If I have a loan with College Credit Union, do I need to change who I make the checks out to?

Please make out checks to Northern Colorado Credit Union. However, we will still accept checks made out to College Credit Union through the end of 2014.