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Relief for Federal Employees

At Northern Colorado Credit Union, we strive to be community minded and member focused. We know that the current shut-down of the US Government has placed a hardship on federal employees. We are offering relief for our members that are federal employees currently going without pay. Affected members are being offered 2 programs to alleviate their financial burden. First, for members that currently have a loan with NCCU, we are waiving the standard fee to skip a payment. Second, we are offering members that have lost pay due to the shut-down an opportunity to apply for a 90 day loan at 0% APR up to the amount of their usual paycheck, not to exceed $5000. (Terms and Conditions apply.) If you are currently a member of NCCU that is a federal employee affected by the current shut-down, contact one of our loan officers ASAP to help secure your finances during this time.