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Money Market Accounts

A Money Market is a great way to save if you still want access to money when you need it!

Money Market accounts are great for keeping money in an account that you'll need to access readily—keeping it more “liquid.” Money Market accounts are different from certificates of deposit, where your rate is locked in for a certain time period. A smart idea can be to use them in combination so some of your money is readily available when you need it and the rest can earn a higher certificate rate in the meantime.

Normally, no notice of intent to withdraw shares is required; however, Northern Colorado Credit Union of Greeley's bylaws give the credit union authority to require up to sixty (60) days notice for the withdrawal of shares. *Six withdrawals per month are allowed on Money Market accounts. The first three withdrawals are free, and the next three are charged at $10.00 per withdrawal. These are variable rate accounts and may be changed at any time, in any amount, at Northern Colorado Credit Union's sole discretion. Interest rates and APY are prospective rates and yields the credit union anticipates paying for the applicable period.

Current Rates