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Online Banking Help

We recently upgraded our online banking system and ALL members will be required to use the default username/password that was sent to the email address we have on file for your primary share account. If you didn't receive it, please check your spam folders, as your email client may have filtered it.  

The criteria for your default username/password is listed below, if you know the required information. If you are still experiencing issues logging in, please review the steps below or feel free to call us at 970.330.3900 or send us an email to info@nococu.org.

Online Banking does not fully support older versions of some web browsers.

If you are using an older browser and experiencing technical issues, you may need to update your current browser to a version that is compatible with our system.  Please click the link below to download a newer version of your browser that is compatible with 'It's Me 247' Online Banking. You may also need to change your pop-up blocker settings to allow the Home Banking screen to appear correctly.


First Time Users- Steps to Login to Online Banking

  1. From our website homepage, type your default username (Your PRIMARY share account number)
  2. Click Log In
  3. On the next screen type your default password (The FIRST four digits of the primary account holder's SSN + FIRST two letters of their last name in CAPS)
    Example: For John Smith, SSN 123-45-6789 password would be 1234SM
  4. Click Continue
  5. Accept the Terms & Conditions of Use (scroll to the bottom of the page to accept)
  6. Type the default password (from step 3) in the field designated as your current password
  7. Create a new, secure password and type it into each new password field (Password requirements are listed below)
  8. Click Change My Password
  9. Create a new personal username (Username requirements are listed below)
  10. Click Change My Username
  11. Type in the answers to three unique security questions (these are not case-sensitive)
  12. Click Save My Questions

Password Requirements

  • Make each new password completely unique; do not use a previous password.
  • Passwords should not be similar to your account number.
  • Do not create a password using personal information that is not secret, such as a child's name, birth date or pet's name.
  • Passwords should not read the same backward and forward. For example, don't use "123321" or "MADAM" because it reads the same backward and forward.

Username Requirements

  • Usernames are from 1 to 20 characters.
  • Usernames may contain only letters and numbers. No special characters allowed.
  • Usernames may not start with a space.
  • Usernames are NOT case sensitive.
  • Usernames may NOT be all numbers.
  • Usernames may NOT contain your account number.
  • Usernames may NOT contain your first or last name.
  • Use a word or phrase that is meaningful to you so you can easily remember it. Using a combination of letters and numbers increases the security level even more.

Still need help? Contact us!