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Account & Member Service Fees

The following is a comprehensive listing of fees for account-related services. If a fee is due and the account does not hold enough assets to cover it, the amount will be deducted from any available source under your member number or any account you own, solely or jointly.

Account & Member Service Fees

Fee Type Amount Additional Information
Membership fee FREE NO FEE and only $25 deposit required to open an account.
Re-opening membership fee $20.00  
Early close fee $20.00 If you close your membership account within 90 days of opening it, you will be charged a $20.00 processing fee.
Balancing account fee $30.00/hour The first hour of research and balancing is free. For each additional hour of research or balancing required, you will be charged $30.00 per hour with a minimum charge of $30.00. 
Copies of statements $3.00/copy  
Copies of account transactions/history $3.00/copy  
Copies of canceled checks $3.00/copy Check copies are also available on our Online Banking website for free.
Copy of credit union draft $5.00 Teller check from member account
Dormant checking account fee $5.00 Assessed if your checking account is inactive for more than 90 days. Fee is waived with a minimum balance of $300.00 or more.
Insufficient check, ACH, or other item return fee $30.00 If your overdraft protection is at its limit and items are presented for payment, the item (check, ACH, or other item) will be returned as having non-sufficient funds (NSF) and your account will be charged $30.00.
Transfer fee to clear checks, ACH, or other items $5.00 Automatic transfers from savings accounts to checking accounts to clear items are charged $5.00 per transfer (limit of six (6) automatic or unsigned transfers per month). Transfers are made in increments of $50.00.
Courtesy pay $30.00 To clear an NSF check if a deposit is made the same day to cover the check.
Returned deposit check fee $10.00 Any check deposited to your account that is returned to Northern Colorado Credit Union for any reason is charged a $10.00 handling fee. Checks are usually deposited twice. If the check fails to clear, it is your responsibility to collect the funds from the person who wrote you the check and pay any fees incurred.
Stop payment on item $30.00 Orders to stop payment of checks or ACH items will be charged this fee. ACH items need 72 hours prior notice from withdrawal date to stop payment.
Money Market withdrawal fee $10.00 First three (3) withdrawals per month are free, and the second three (3) withdrawals will be charged a $10.00 fee per withdrawal. Northern Colorado Credit Union allows only six (6) withdrawals per month.
Money Market account minimum balance fee Account is Closed A Money Market account is closed when the balance falls below the minimum balance requirement.
Cashier's checks $5.00 each Must be purchased with guaranteed funds
Teller counter checks $3.00 each Teller counter checks that are payable to a third party
Money orders $1.50 each Available in amounts from $1.00 to $999.00. Must be purchased with guaranteed funds.
Green Checking FREE Free with enrollment in e-Statements and debit cards. Three monthly electronic payments or active Bill Pay is also required.
Written checks for Green Checking Accounts $0.50 each First five (5) written checks per month are free.  Fee is charged for each check thereafter.
Classic Checking  $5.00/month Assessed monthly.
Millennium Checking minimum balance fee $10.00/month Assessed if the account balance falls below the minimum balance requirement.
Garnishment and tax levy processing fee $50.00 per presentation  
Returned statement fee $5.00 Statements returned for incorrect address assessed for processing. Please notify us of your new address and phone numbers to avoid this fee!
Outgoing domestic wire fee $15.00  
International wire fee Minimum of $35.00 Contact your NCCU branch for more details.
Online Bill Pay FREE Waived for Green Checking and Millennium Checking Accounts where three (3) or more Online Bill Payments are made monthly.

MasterCard™ Debit Card Fees

Fee Type Amount Additional Information
ATM withdrawal fee $2.00 each First eight (8) ATM withdrawals per month are free.
Rush card fee $30.00  
Replacement card fee $20.00  

VISA™ Platinum Rewards Credit Card Fees

Fee Type Amount Additional Information
Foreign transaction fee 1% of transaction Fee will be charged on transactions completed in a foreign currency
Late payment fee $15.00  
Returned payment fee $15.00