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Online Banking


Our NEW online banking system, It's Me 247, allows you to bank online, how you want it, when you want! With It’s Me 247 online banking, you can keep in touch with your NCCU accounts any time, from any place life takes you!

Why It’s Me 247? Because NCCU is your credit union! You are a member... you are an owner. Whether you visit us online through our website, mobile app or in a branch lobby, we want you to see yourself reflected in the credit union. With built-in security, It’s Me 247 lets you access your accounts, your way.

With our all NEW online banking, It's Me 247, you can do everything you could do before, but is easier to use and has some great NEW features including.....

  • Download transaction information to QuickBooks & Quicken
  • Choose personal preferences such as background color, photo album, and starting page
  • Open additional checking accounts, shares, certificates & money markets
  • Set up e-Alerts and sign up for e-Notices
  • Adjust how your paycheck and other electronic deposits are handled
  • Transfer funds to ANY NCCU account
  • Update your address or phone number
  • Manage contact preferences
  • Easily apply for a loan
  • Read secure messages from NCCU
  • Assign account nicknames
  • Display Online Banking Login and Password History

How do I login?

  1. Once you've received your temporary username/password, enter your temporary username in the space provided in the top right corner of this page and click ‘Log In’ (current users of our NEW online banking should enter the username they created).
  2. On the next screen, enter the temporary password provided for you and click ‘Submit’ (current users of our NEW online banking should enter the username they created)
  3. Accept the Terms & Conditions of Use (scroll to the bottom of the page to accept)
  4. First time users will be prompted to change their default username/password and set up security questions.
    *New passwords must at least 6 characters in length and meet strong password requirements: 3 out of the 4 following characteristics – lowercase letter, capital letter, symbol, or number.

When the It’s Me 247 screen appears, you are in!

*If you are an owner on more than one credit union membership, ask us about setting up controls to access all your accounts in online banking.

*To change your username, log in to online banking, click ‘Info Center’, then ‘My Preferences’, then select ‘Username Options’ and follow the easy instructions.

New to Online Banking? 

If you are a current member and would like access to It's Me 247 online banking, please click the link below and submit the online banking application. We will begin processing your application within 24 hours after we receive it. Feel free to contact us any time throughout the process.


Once we have processed your request, we will provide you with the temporary username/password you will need to access your account.

Overview of It's Me 247 Online Banking

CLICK HERE to view our Online Banking Disclosure