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Winter 2015 Newsletter

Did you see the newsletter that just came out?  Every Quarter we create a Newsletter to share information and tell you the latest and greatest things going on with Northern Colorado Credit Union.  That's the Member Advantage of belonging to a credit union!





Bill Pay is FREE for 2015




MARCH 13, 14, 15



APRIL 16, 2015

Stay tuned for the time and location.

Join us to celebrate 80 Years of Service to our Members and Community. 



We now have a new logo and tagline to go with our new name! The logo & tagline was born from the idea that we are a friendly, helpful and personal institution that is dedicated to giving our members focused service as well as reflecting the long standing tradition we have of serving our local community.
Community-Minded. Member-Focused. is our new tagline that defines the direction guiding us into the future and helping us tell the story of who we are as a credit union. We are focused on your personal financial needs and understand that the community in which we belong is critical to the success of our institution. Through the entire process, it was important that the new logo and tagline honors our heritage and proudly serves our members’ financial goals.
You will notice new signs at our branch locations too, a brand new public website, and newly designed brochures. In the coming weeks and months, you will even notice new changes in our lobbies. We look forward to serving you as we have for almost 80 years, community-minded, member-focused

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JANUARY 31, 2015
10am - 1pm, 1503 9th Ave 

Join us for a big thank you event at our Downtown Location

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To celebrate community giving this recent holiday season and Colorado Gives Day, we gave $6,000 in donations to four local charities: The Community Foundation Serving Greeley, United Way of Weld County, The Weld Food Bank and Meals On Wheels of Greeley & Weld County.

The goal of efforts like this is to show the importance we place on giving back. “As an active partner in our community, we want to give where it does the most good. Which is, to help improve the lives of people in Weld County,” Walt Marx, President/CEO. 

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When you visit, you’ll see some great changes!
The public website is now “Responsive” and adjusts to your specific device. Whether you’re viewing it with a smartphone or at your desk, you’ll be able to go where you want and find what you need. The new menu is broken down to services that correspond with the type of service you’re looking for too. SAVE money in a CD, SPEND from a Checking account, BORROW for an Auto Loan and check out eSERVICES to enroll in Bill Pay.
Another cool feature is the new sky above the mountains. It changes from a day sky to a night sky with the timing of the sunset. The private Home Banking site that you log into to manage your accounts has the new teal color too. It’s unfortunately, not mobile...yet! 

HOT TIP #1: How to place an NCCU icon on your iPhone

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A new look with the same FOCUS ON YOU!  The new cards will replace the College Credit Union cards you've come to use with your checking account.  

Plus, with the new replacement cards, you won't have to change your PIN or your card number!


Get a Checking Account with a Debit Card and this is what you'll get:

  • Access to 53,000 Free ATMs Nationwide with 24+ in the Greeley area
  • 24/7 Online Access
  • Convenient and accepted wherever MasterCard is accepted

*New debit cards replace current College Credit Union debit cards attached to checking accounts. Debit Cards are available upon approval with checking accounts and OD LOC. 

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Bill Pay is FREE for 2015

That's right! Enroll in Bill Pay through HomeBanking and it will be free for 2015 starting this January (a $5.95 per month value!) 

When you have Online Bill Pay from Northern Colorado Credit Union you'll have more freedom to enjoy life. And the more you use it, the more it will simplify your life with convenience, savings and security.

When you use Online Bill Pay, you can:

  • View and pay your bills electronically, all in one place to save time
  • Make secure payments to any person or company anywhere, anytime 24/7
  • Verify your account balance as you pay your bills straight from your account
  • Automate recurring payments to save time each month
  • Receive email or text reminders when bills are due so you stay in control

Discover more about Bill Pay

To sign up, login to your home banking account and click the "Bill Pay" link.

Add Online Bill Pay within Home Banking 

You can also simply stop by the Credit Union or call us at 970.330.3900. 

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NCCU supports local charities

To celebrate community giving this holiday season and Colorado Gives Day, Northern Colorado Credit Union will be giving $6,000 in donations to four local charities: The Community Foundation serving Greeley and Weld County, United Way of Weld County, The Weld Food Bank and Meals On Wheels of Greeley and Weld County. To donate to these charities directly, visit

Northern Colorado Credit Union, formerly College Credit Union, recognizes the value of being community-minded and would like to share the holiday spirit of giving by supporting local charities. The goal of efforts like this is to help raise awareness about the importance credit unions place on giving back to the community. “As an active partner in our community we want to give where it does the most good, which is to help improve the lives of people in Weld County,” Walt Marx, President/CEO.

The credit union will also be accepting donations during the holidays to support the local non-profit organization, Toys For Tots® and Weld Food Bank to help many in our community have a better holiday this winter season.  

Press Release

Name Change FAQ

Since 1935, you've known us as College Credit Union

We're a community credit union and have grown beyond just serving people affiliated with UNC & Aims Community College. The truth is, EVERYONE in Weld County can belong to the credit union and we want to let everyone know that. 

Are we merging or being taken over?

The answer is simply “NO,” we want to grow into the future along with you and the community. The staff, friendly service, and commitment to our membership you have come to know will remain the same.

Will my account number change?

Your account number and the routing number for the credit union will not change. Only the name will change.

What is changing?

We will have an exciting new look to our website, the signage at our branches will change, and there will be a new look to our lobbies.

Can I still use shared branching?

Absolutely! We will still maintain the same connection with the shared branching network as before. We've also notified the shared branching network so you can still access your accounts from other credit unions in the network.

Will my home banking still work the same?

Yes, home banking will remain the same. Log in on the home page as you normally would. There will just be a new logo and a different color scheme to go along with our new brand.

Will I still be able to access my previous eStatements?

Access to eStatements will not change. Only the logo, colors, and the name of the credit union will be different.

Will I be able to access my online bill pay?

There will be no change to online bill pay. You’ll still have the same access and functionality as before.

Will I be able to use my credit card and debit card?

Yes. Your credit card/debit card will still function the same. If you replace your card or get a new one, you'll receive a card with our new name and logo.

Are my old checks still good?

Your current checks will work just fine. If you place an order for new checks they will just come with a different name and logo.

Do I need to make any changes to my automatic payments/deposits?

Payments should process for you as usual. However, it’s always wise to check your account regularly and make sure transactions from your accounts are correct.

If I have a loan with College Credit Union, do I need to change who I make the checks out to?

Please make out checks to Northern Colorado Credit Union. However, we will still accept checks made out to College Credit Union through the end of 2014.

Holiday Credit Card Special

Get 2.79%APR* on all purchases during November and December!

Make purchases between Nov 1, 2014 and Dec 31, 2014 and have 6 months to enjoy this low rate. After 6 months, balances will return to our already incredibly low rate of 8.99%APR fixed. The rate applies to CURRENT and NEW cardholders.


Benefits of Being a NCCU Credit Cardholder

  • NO Balance Transfer fees. This offer good for balance transfers too.
  • One of the few in the country with no balance transfer fees
  • NO annual fee
  • NO cash advance fees, and no difference in rate either
  • 2.79%APR* is an AWESOME rate and 8.99%APR fixed is hard to beat!
  • Compare our low fees on other things.

*2.79% Annual Percentage Rate is a promotional rate for 6 months. Promotional offer good on all credit card purchases between 11/1/2014 and 12/31/2014. When the promotional period ends, any new or outstanding balances will automatically revert to the standard rate of 8.99% APR fixed rate. Other standard raeLate payment fee of $15.00, Over-the-Credit Limit fee of $15, Returned payment fee of $15.00. Qualified membership to the Credit Union applies. Contact the Credit Union for full terms and disclosures.

8.99% Fixed APR* on our regular non-promotional rate


Need some breathing room for your Holiday Shopping? 

Apply for the Skip-A-Pay program! Skip one of your
vehicle or personal loan payments in November or December. 

Just complete this form and return it to NCCU.


Home Depot Data Breach

The Home Depot is currently investigating a potential payment data breach. Northern Colorado Credit Union has not currently taken any action to restrict potentially affected credit and debit cards, however we will continue to monitor this situation very closely. As always, we encourage all cardholders to actively monitor your accounts via online home banking and credit cards with EZCardinfo.

What has The Home Depot done about this breach?

Right now, they have just confirmed there has actually been a breach, but are working diligently with federal authorities to investigate this potential breach.

Below is some information that will answer questions you might have about this situation. If you have any other questions or concerns regarding this potential data breach or if you need assistance with your account, please don't hesitate to contact us!

What is Northern Colorado Credit Union going to do about the data breach?

Currently, we are waiting for an official statement regarding the severity of the breach. We will then determine the best course of action for our members and for the credit union. Our members' financial security is our top priority.

Can I just get a new card now instead of waiting to hear what happens?

Certainly! You can order a new debit card to be re-issued in any branch or over the phone.

If Northern Colorado Credit Union decides to block my cards, how will I know?

Our standard procedure for notifying members in this situation is to send email alerts, a letter and a phone call. Additionally, if the breach affects a majority of our membership, we post updates on our website, Facebook and Twitter. If necessary, we will consider additional methods of contacting our members to alert them.

As a reminder, Northern Colorado Credit Union will never ask you to enter or say your card number by email, text, or phone. We may call to validate charges for security purposes, however, you will not be asked for your card number and you should never give it out.

Additional Resources

Preferred Pricing on GM Vehicles

General Motors is offering all current and eligible credit union members preferred pricing on most new GM vehicles. This is in addition to the most current GM incentives and special offers!

Need a new car? There are three ways NCCU members can save on a new vehicle purchase:

  1. General Motors is offering all current and eligible credit union members preferred pricing on most new GM vehicles. This is in addition to the most current incentives and special offers! Depending on the vehicle, you could save hundreds or even thousands on your next new Chevrolet, Buick, or GMC vehicle just for being a credit union member. Visit to see how much you can save and to request your GM authorization number.
  2. Members can save big with low rates when financing through NCCU. Contact us or email Preston Berkheimer at directly to find out more about your vehicle financing options.
  3. You'll also save on fuel costs with GM's high-fuel efficiency vehicles. Start saving today! Depending on the vehicle, you could save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your next new Chevrolet, Buick, or GMC vehicle purchase just for being a credit union member. Visit to see how much you can save and request your GM authorization number.

Make sure you ask at the dealership for the credit union member discount and financing through the credit union.

Your Federally Insured Funds

At Northern Colorado Credit Union, your deposit accounts are insured up to $250,000. The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 increased the level of insurance permanently. The National Credit Union Administration, commonly referred to as NCUA, is the federal government agency that charters and supervises federal credit unions. NCUA also operates and manages the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF), which is backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government.

Find out more about NCUA Insurance and your specific coverage:

BBB Scam Alert: FTC Complaint Emails

Members receiving text, phone, or email alerts about their debit cards: DO NOT give out your sensitive account information over the phone or by email. Always call us at 970.330.3900.

WARNING: DO NOT OPEN FTC Complaint emails. They are scams.

The Federal Trade Commission reports that thousands of businesses, including credit unions, have received e-mails claiming to be from the FTC, and claiming that the FTC has received a complaint that requires action by the recipient. These emails are scams and should not be opened. If you do open one of these e-mails, DO NOT OPEN THE LINKS. Opening the email or the links may result in malware being installed on your system. Regulatory agencies will not normally provide notice or initiate a contact in this manner, and credit unions should always question the validity of these types of emails. When in doubt, contact the agency directly by phone.

These are not originated by us and we will never ask you to give out sensitive information via text or email. If there is ever an issue, please contact us directly.

Phishing Emails

What is phishing? Phishing usually involves an email sent to you asking for specific account information that requests you to click on a link to give your personal information. That link may go to a website that appears similar to Northern Colorado Credit Union, but asks you for your specific account info. Those kinds of emails are NOT originated by Northern Colorado Credit Union or any of our affiliates. If it is specific information, we want you to contact us directly or initiate the transaction yourself—not click on a link within an email.

Please do not reply to suspicious emails or click on any links within those emails.

 As with all internet or email communication, please contact us if you are suspicious.